Impulsive, dreamer, wanderer, complicated, go-getter, crazy and sometimes dramatic. Born in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico, but quickly moved to Ciudad Juarez, border with El Paso, Texas; it was because of this that I had the opportunity of growing up in an environment with a mix of traditions from two different countries, this helped me develop an interest for different cultures and to have an open mind about it.

I developed a love for writing when I was in junior-high and me and my best friend at the time started exchanging little stories about our lives and the people in it; writing has helped me through tough times in my life and now it’s sort of a therapy for me.

I like to write about the adventures and funny stories in my life, about the people that is involve in it and that help make my life bright and interesting. I really hope I can inspire you to make an adventure of your life and that my experiences can help you build them.

I’ll leave you with a phrase that has inspired me to never have a dull moment and to make the most of this crazy ride called life.

“You will die, so live”

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